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25KA Retrofit Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Systems Power Engineering Limited is at the forefront of retrofit vacuum circuit breaker design and manufacture with "roll out" – "roll in" circuit breakers which can replace the old life expired oil circuit breakers or SF6 circuit breakers with minimum system down time.

The Range Include:

SWS: C4, C4X, C4X1, D4, D4X, D4X1, DXD, DXE, HG12
  GEC: BVP17, BVP22
Switchgear & Cowans: A4, FA4, UA4, UAE4, UA6
Ferguson Pailin: VSBP3, VSBP17
Brush: VSI R4, R8, VBA
  Reyroll: LMT, LMT2, LM23T
English Electric: OLX, OLX3
Statter: ACo1
Met Vic: V2RH1S
Crompton Parkinson: ULC1
British Tomson Houston: B721
Johnson & Philips:

Technical Data

Rated Voltage up to 12 kV or 13.8 kV
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Current 25 kA or 21.7 kA
Rated Short Time Current 3 Second
Rated Normal Current up to1250A
Rated BIL up to 95 kV

Test Specification of the Retrofit VCB

IEC 62271—1, ED. 1.0, 2007—10
IEC 62271—100, Ed 2.0, 2008—04


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