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Retrofit installation delivers the following benefits:-

  • Significant reduction in time and resource requirements during the planning stage when compared with complete switchboard replacement
  • Considerable savings in capital cost when compared with switchboards replacement
  • Enables a phased replacement with cost budgeted over a number of years
  • Disruption to the site much reduced
  • No civil work involved
  • Removal of oil from the substation reduces the risk of fire and explosion leading to lower insurance premiums
  • Increased operating reliability and reduced maintenance cost
  • Maintenance and maintenance cost reduced
  • Eliminates need to disturb or replace HV cables
  • Retrofit vacuum circuit breakers can be provided with motor wound spring mechanisms which allow remote operation
  • Suitable for frequent switching duties
  • Removal of SF6 from site
  • Service life of the fixed housing significantly extended
  • Contribute to company environmental sustainability policy by better use of natural resources and reduction in raw material required reducing customers carbon footprint

Product roll in roll out

Operation of the Vacuum Breaker remains the same

1. Push in to housing
2. Set the interlocks
3. Raise the circuit breaker into selected position

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